Anna Elrod

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Anna Elrod has always been drawn to pottery even as a child so when Austin Community College offered Continuing Education evening courses in ceramics she enrolled and Anna was hooked.  That was fifteen years ago and she is still throwing pottery from her home in Austin, TX.

Her works are primarily inspired from nature:  water in her tabletop fountains, stones as handles on her lids, and ornamental embellishments of leaves, dragonflies, etc.  Her love of semi-precious stones and jewelry also inspired her to design jewelry which she considers worn art.

About the Pottery

Each piece is individually hand thrown on a potter’s wheel or hand built.  She primarily uses earthenware clay and each piece is hand painted and fired to Cone 05-06.

About the Jewelry

Each piece is One-of-a-Kind made with semi-precious stones and sterling silver. 


234 West Main St.  · Fredericksburg, TX 78624