Jette Scott


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Jette Scott was born in Copenhagen at the end of World War II into a family full of artists, musicians & actors. Her father was an early influence since all of her storybooks were written & illustrated by him. She’s sure this was out of necessity during such hard times.  Jette’s father was a patron of the arts & many times would bring artists home for a meal & sometimes a place to sleep. In exchange he would take paintings for payment.

Immigrating to the U.S. in the mid 50's, her love of art & drawing had taken hold. She became obsessed with American comic books, and like her father, started creating her own stories complete with drawings. Jette continued illustrating all through High School & as a senior was allowed into an accelerated program at the local college. Transferring briefly to Berkeley, she soon became disillusioned with the art department & the upheaval of the 1960's in the Bay area of California. Shortly after President Kennedy's assassination Jette retreated back to Europe & subsequently gave up any further formal art education.

Art led Jette to Interior Design 30 years ago. She started doing architectural renderings for other designers & soon found that she was subtly changing their concepts for better color, furniture placement etc. A designer finally advised her to try design. After 10 years of learning, she started her own independent design firm 20 years ago. Art was a huge plus in that field as she was able to do watercolor renderings for clients in the days before CAD programs became available. It was during that time, that not only did her clients commission paintings, but she sold to commercial jobs for lobbies or corporate offices.

Jette Scott considers herself self taught, although as a corporate wife she took advantage of private lessons in many states that her husband’s company sent them to. The last with the late John Squire Adams in San Antonio who taught her portraiture. Now retired, she is devoted full time to her passion....Art from the HEART.


234 West Main St.  · Fredericksburg, TX 78624