Linda Rauch

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Linda's art is a combination of fantasy and representational realism. Most of her pieces come from her imagination. In her own words, "When I paint I try to express the way I feel about what I am seeing. My wildflower paintings combine the way the flowers actually look and grow with the feelings they invoke inside of me when I look at them.  Sometimes this is the way they look in a soft summer breeze as they gently sway.  Other times it is the bright and happy moods they project in the dazzling sunlight.  I like to feel that I am down inside the meadows with them when I paint them.  My flower paintings are impressionistic in nature and are combined with the translucent glazes of acrylics.  The heavy texture that is applied gives the feeling of the tangled masses of leaves, stems and blossoms you see when the flowers grow wild in the meadows.  "I love the vivid colors that nature provides and I like to use it lavishly."  Monet influenced Linda's love of impressionism.

Linda also paints and draws in a style that she calls hard edge fantasy.  It is from her mind's eye and combines the surrealistic world of dreams with her own imagination. This style is reminiscent of Gustaf Klimpt pattern wise, and poster like in its rendering.  It is always rich in pattern and color. It is always from the heart and will produce a mood when it is viewed.

Linda was an art instructor with 23 years of experience in the U.S. and Australia.   She has shown in the Ars Longa Gallery in Taos, New Mexico as well as the Linda Kimmons Gallery in Taos, New Mexico.  She currently shows at Artisans at Rocky Hill in Fredericksburg, Texas..  Linda is a native of Carlsbad, New Mexico.  The vivid and dramatic landscapes of New Mexico have played a big part in her art.  The dramatic and intense colors of New Mexico can be seen in the color application she uses when she paints.

Linda's new studio overlooks canyons and hills in the beautiful "Hill Country" country side.  Her studio is above the tree tops and she says that she can see for miles as she paints.  "I am mesmerized by the gorgeous wildflowers this spring.  I am in the process of painting the many stunning displays of flowers that are near my home and studio. I am in love with my studio in the clouds and the scenery that is just out my studio windows."

234 West Main St.  Fredericksburg, TX 78624