Robyn Brakel

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After taking a pottery class four years ago and falling in love with clay, Robyn changed her degree goals and immersed herself in the art world.  With the encouragement and support of her husband, she plowed through art school and received her Bachelor of Arts degree from UTSA and now works in clay full- time at her home studio in Cibolo, Texas. She continues to expand her clay and art knowledge by continuing to take classes and being an active member in the San Antonio Potters Guild.

In an effort to find her own voice in the art world, she combined her two passions, throwing and drawing, to make a style all her own.  Her designs are a combination of nature, cultures, and her desire to bring movement and originality to a stationary object. Her functional pottery pieces are all originals. Robyn free hands each design on the clay surface, paying special attention to the shape of the pot and how both the design and the shape interact with each other.

I love to hear people take on my designs.  There are so many things that people see in it and I think that is what art is all about.  My work has no hidden message; I simply want the viewer to just enjoy it. Whether its during a morning cup of coffee or a simple passing glance, my work is meant to bring a sense of wonder or a smile to all that sees it.

234 West Main St.  Fredericksburg, TX 78624