Susan Ehlers

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Susan Ehlers is a self taught ceramic clay artist with 18 years of experience.   Connie Whitham, a ceramic artist and her mentor in California, introduced her to the art.  The wheel was Susanís first interest until she discovered hand-building.  With hand-building she knew "This is what my artistic life would be about."  

The last four years working at the Hill Country Arts Foundation in Ingram, Texas has been inspirational for Susan.  She has had the opportunity to work with many accomplished ceramic artists whose views, ideas and guidance have given her work and style new directions and new dimensions.  She tries different avenues so her art is never the same.

Susan loves doing special pieces for people with heirloom items or certain ideas in mind.  The combining of individual ideas and creative challenges is very inviting to Susan.  She tries to combine nature and anything she can get her hands on to make interesting designs and unusual artistic pieces.  Susan loves working in clay and cannot imagine her artistic life without it.

234 West Main St.  Fredericksburg, TX 78624